Computational Biomechanics for Medicine III

A MICCAI 2008 Workshop, September 10 2008

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Proceedings of the Workshop will be published by The Insight Journal http://www.insight-journal.org/ . The main feature of The
Insight Journal is the open review process.

The IJ is an effective means for managing papers, reviews, and presentations for the workshop, and it does not prohibit the future
publication of those works since it does not require copyright transfer.  Furthermore, it allows the work to continue to develop
past the conference.

The length of papers including figures and references should be between eight (8) and twelve (12) journal pages. Please, follow the
submission guidelines available at The Insight Journal web page
http://www.na-mic.org/svn/NAMICSandBox/trunk/InsightJournal/SubmissionTemplate/Document/. All submissions will
undergo open peer-review. Based on the reviews, by 10 July 2007, the organizing committee will select contributions to be presented
at the workshop. Final versions of the manuscripts, incorporating referees' suggestions, should be submitted by 03 August 2008.

The authors of the best papers presented at the Computational Biomechanics for Medicine III Workshop will be requested to submit an
extended version of their papers to the special section of the Medical Image Analysis journal.

Here are the key points regarding submission:

The manuscripts should be submitted to the special issue "Workshop on Computational Biomechanics for Medicine at MICCAI 2008" of the Insight Journal http://www.Insight-Journal.org.

* Authors are encouraged to include other files with their submission, particularly videos, code, and data.
* Every submission immediately appears on the Insight Journal site in the Special Issue on the MICCAI Workshop.  Therefore, every submission is available to any registered member of the Insight Journal (and registration is free).  See information on reviews given below.
* Submission requires licensing to the Insight Journal the right to distribute your submission under the Creative Commons'
"by-attribution" license.  Copyright transfer is not required.
* The Insight Journal is a registered digital library.  Therefore, your submission is automatically assigned a unique open-archive "handle" that (unlike URLs) persists on the web and that (unlike other web-based database keys) allows your submission to be indexed by Google and other search engines.  Handles also serve as a mechanism whereby submissions can be permanently referenced in publications.

Every submission is available for public peer-review.  That is, any registered member of the Insight Journal (and registration is free) is able to download, score, and comment on any submission to this workshop.  All reviews are public.  Anonymous reviews are discouraged. Workshop organizers will arrange for at least one expert peer-reviewer to assess each paper.

On 03 July 2008 (deadline for the review process), the workshop committee will consider the posted reviews, as well as the intent of the workshop, to select papers for oral and poster presentation.  Those decisions will be announced on or about 25 July 2008.

Since many in the audience will have read and reviewed the papers being submitted, the discussions following the paper can be lively and informative.