Computational Biomechanics for Medicine VI

A MICCAI 2011 Workshop, Toronto, 2011 September 18

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Miccai 2011 Proceedings Mathematical modelling and computer simulation have proved tremendously successful in engineering. One of the greatest challenges for mechanists is to extend the success of computational mechanics to fields outside traditional engineering, in particular to biology, biomedical sciences, and medicine. The proposed workshop will provide an opportunity for computational biomechanics specialists to present and exchange opinions on the opportunities of applying their techniques to computer-integrated medicine. For example, continuum mechanics models provide a rational basis for analysing biomedical images by constraining the solution to biologically reasonable motions and processes. Biomechanical modelling can also provide clinically important information about the physical status of the underlying biology, integrating information across molecular, tissue, organ, and organism scales. The main goal of this workshop is to showcase the clinical and scientific utility of computational biomechanics in computer-integrated medicine.

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Workshop proceedings


The final program is available for download here.

Invited speakers:

Andrew McCulloch <https://cmrg.ucsd.edu/AndrewMcCulloch>
Professor and Jacobs Distinguished Scholar, Department of Bioengineering, University of California San Diego
"Multi-scale modeling and imaging of the failing heart: from mouse to human"

Juan Cebral <https://cfd.gmu.edu/~jcebral/>
Associate Professor, Center for Computational Fluid Dynamics, George Mason University
"Image-based CFD modeling of cerebral aneurysms"